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15 Smart ways to earn money online from Bangladesh

Hey! You’re definitely searching for ” How can I make money online from Bangladesh?” right?
That’s why you are reading this article. In this article, I will discuss with you about 30 smart and legitimate ways of making money online in Bangladesh.

This article will help the people who’re living in Bangladesh looking for the best ideas for making money in Bangladesh. I will try my best efforts to provide you with real and legitimate ideas based on my knowledge and experience.

I narrated this tutorial in two parts. You will see the easy ways to make money from the begging and harder will be discussed later. I request you to go through the full article for getting accurate information.

I can promise you if you’re a newbie to the online industry you can get a complete income guide. You can choose your favorite one from 30 different fields.
If you previously know about online money making ideas, you’ve opportunities in-depth information on more sophisticated fields of online earnings from Bangladesh.

So, Let’s get started now…

#1. Get paid to take surveys and paid to click ads


Survey and PCT work is the easiest way of making a consistent income. These types of jobs are always ready for you. But you can’t make a decent earning overnight. You’ve to be patient enough for making a regular handsome income.

You may find thousands of survey and paid to click ads websites, but shouldn’t put trust in most of them.

You don’t need any skill to do these jobs, just basic computer knowledge. These jobs are very good for students, housewives, retirees and those who are looking for making an extra amount of income.

If you can spend 30 minutes in everyday life, then I can teach you some smarts and easy strategies to make make a regular earning.

For taking surveys and do many micro jobs like download app, shopping, solving quiz & math. Clixsense is the best site for work from Bangladesh.

For paid to click ads job you can see the strategies for making money with Ojooo Wad which has been paying money for ads since 2013. And another strategy of making $40 per day with Neobux which has also been paying to the millions of member since 2008.

#2. Create a YouTube channel and Monetize it with AdSense & affiliate


YouTubing is now very popular over time. In recent years people are being habituated with video instead of reading blogs article for getting any information. Because video is more effective to apply.

For being a popular platform for sharing knowledge many YouTubers are making a decent income from home easily. If you have any skill to share to influence people, you can create a YouTube channel and upload interesting videos. And Engage people to your channel.

You can share videos for entertainment or educational purposes. First of all, you should select a unique name for your channel related to your topics. Make a lucrative banner art and channel icon with a photo editor. Upload more and more videos.

In the meantime, you have to look for many SEO techniques so that your videos can rank. If once your channel grew up you don’t have to think for money.

For monetizing with Google AdSense you should reach minimum requirements for YouTube. If you want to make money from AdSense you need 1000 subscribers and minimum 4000 hours watch time within 1 year on your channel.

There’re more options for earning money from YouTube channel as like as blog. You can promote and sell many products or services as you want. Remember, join those affiliate programs related to your video niche. When you have thousands or millions of subscribers you can make a huge amount of money from selling products or services besides AdSense.


#3. Graphics Design :

Graphic design has become very popular in recent years for the market demands. If you want to make a good income you can join this vast industry.


In this recent years, the demand for graphics is so high.

Graphic design is easier than other IT profession because there are no programming skills required. People who have no computer advanced skills can join this industry. In the freelance marketplace, this is a most demanded and big market.

According to PayScale website’s report, the average salary of the graphic designer is $42,972 per year.

So, You can make a regular income by doing this job. But there is a problem that you can’t expect the same amount of money at the starting time. You should always whet your skills and imagination by practicing a huge time.

This is the most creative professionals in the world. The more you imagine and the more income you can make.

There is much graphic design market in the world. You can do this online or offline. Nowadays online job is going to become a favorite for the people.

Most popular marketplace for a freelance graphic designer are Upwork, Fiverr and 99designs.


#4. Become a virtual tutor:

The online classes are now very popular in recent years. In this virtual world, people find a way to get tuition in online on their required subject.

If your very good knowledge of the English language, you can start taking classes online for the 4-12 years old China kids.

Join here free at VIP Kidz and make minimum $14 per hour and maximum $22 per hour. If you take a minimum $14 per hour it will make $70 per day working 5 hours a day.

Average monthly income is 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars. Which is maybe enough for paying your basis expenditure.

#5. Blogging:

Hey, this is the point of discussion about making money online by blogging that’s I’m doing.
Are you thinking of making a passive income for the lifetime? If your answer is “Yes” then you can consider blogging. Blogging is the door opener of many ways to make money online from Bangladesh and all over the world.

If you’re passionate about writing, blogging can be the best solution for you. Here I’m going to discuss many benefits of blogging in brief.
There are two types of the website on the internet; Company websites and blog.

I think blogging is the best way to make passive income for a lifetime. If you love to write for people blogging is the key to reach your goal.

There’re three things to make a blogging career are patience, persistence, and discipline. You’ve to write every day for minimum one year of even more to make your first money.

Many people say that it can be possible within a few months. I obviously agree with them. But this is rear and very technical.

Once your blog has grown up, you don’t think back. By Blogging, you can make money through

  • Affiliate marketing,
  • AdSense
  • Selling products or services
  • Online courses
  • Paid post
  • Other many things

WordPress is the best platform to start due to its usability. Almost 27% of all website are made by WordPress. It’s very easy to customize which is most friendly for beginners.

#6. Freelance writing:

Writing is a highly demanded job online. Because, whenever you think to be present online you should write a huge article or post to show your products or information. If you have a good knowledge about any topic and can express in words this career is waiting for you.

I saw many writers who made up to $300 per article. It depends on your experience and writing skills. The more skillful article you provide the more money you can demand.

There many marketplaces you can join to start your writing career like Upwork, Fiverr,, iWriter etc.

Whenever you bid on a job should prove that you can write about this topic.

You can make a blog and write some articles before starting the article writing jobs. It will be very much helpful to prove yourself as you can do this job.

When job provider sees your writing skills fit for his demand you will be hired soon. Another benefit of the job is a website owner needs to write an article permanently, so you may be hired for a long time. You needn’t look for new clients regularly.


#7. Sell photos on Shutterstock

Do you have a DSLR camera? Or have good knowledge of graphic design?
Do you love to take beautiful photos? Are you passionate about stocking photos?

Photography can be your good profession. If you have a good skill in photography you can sell your photos or design on Shutterstock.

Millions of photos have been stocked in this website. This is a photo and graphic design marketplace. In this digital world, many website owners and social media marketer need photos and design daily.

So, photography or graphic designing can be a good path to start. Another good benefit of the business is a passive income opportunity. Once you stock your photos or graphic, the more your photos download the more your income grows. If some of your photos get popularity huge income per month you can make.


#08. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the best platform for making money by showing ads on the blog, website, YouTube channel, mobile apps and so on.

Many bloggers are making a handsome buck per month only through AdSense. I love AdSense for its liberality.

In Bangladesh who owns a website, blog or newspaper that’s been written in Bangla can apply for AdSense. This way he/she can make a passive income by showing ads of Google. This is the great news for those who blog in Bangla language.

I think one can make a huge amount per month only from AdSense if he knows some techniques.

#09. Paid Course :

In this point, I want to show you “How to make money from selling paid course?” There are thousands of fields to become expertise yourself. If you are an expert on a specific topic or fields you can sell your pieces of advice online or offline.

Suppose you’re an expert in Web app development then you can make a course and sell on your website or udemy or local market. You have to make it once but you can sell it thousands of times.

You can teach people about your topics physically too.


#10. Virtual Assistant:

In this virtual world, people are getting too busy to do own work. For this reason, the virtual assistant is too demanded. A very busy person can’t do his daily work properly and timely due to many circumstances.

As a virtual assistant, you can work from home for your boss remotely online. This is a great opportunity to make money online from Bangladesh and all over the world. As a virtual assistant, you have to do many tasks on behalf of your boss.

This type of work may be fixed or hourly basis. There are many tasks provided by your appointees like call or email customers, manage social media pages or profile, write an article for blog or website, set appointments or daily schedule and so on. Everything on behalf of your boss.

The knowledge to do for this type of job required, be good in the English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is a primary and mandatory requirement. Next, you can practice on some specific topics to get these jobs, making sales conversation on email and phone calls, managing social media pages or profile, writing article and data entry type jobs.

The future of this industry is very bright because people are going too busy and try to make ease their life by outsourcing assistant. If you have the passion to do this type of job you can try once.

I highly recommend you to join this industry because this industry is a rising opportunity. Next few decades you can work with very well from the comfort of your home. The more you do jobs efficiently and dynamically the more money you can make.

#11. Make Android /iOS Apps :

This is the age of the smartphone. It could be Android or iPhone. You need to use apps whether you use Android or iPhone. That’s why app development is so popular platform to make money online from Bangladesh and all over the world.

Do you love to code? If yes, app development could be the best choice of yours. According to the PayScale website’s report, the salary of an Android app developer is $81,416 per year which is a very good amount. And iOS developer average salary is $81,696.

I can suggest you the programming skills you need for developing app according to my experience. Don’t think I’m a smartphone app developer. I’ve no coding skill about the topic but I know the requirements.

First of all, you have to start learning a programming language as your passion. For the Android app, you need to learn Java object-oriented for Android. Google has announced any new programming language for Android is Kotlin which is similar to Java, mostly much Android than Java.

If you develop an app, there are many ways to man ake money from app development. You can think for app idea according to market. You can make and publish the apps on Google play store or Apple apps store.

There are three types of the app we see in the app store, free, paid and app in-purchase. If you publish a free or in-purchase app you can make money by placing ads from Google AdMob. For the paid app you will receive 70% of app price.

There is another great option for app developers is making an app for your clients. You can join an IT farm with high salary or join marketplaces to do app development jobs.

#12. Make money online with Flipping and selling website

You may know how real estate business work. People who are having a good buck willing to make money by developing a land, house or property. This is a Flipping business with a heavy return.

In real estate business, I saw many people made a lot of money in the earliest time. A real estate businessman buys a house, land or property and develop with a cost for better looking and finally sells it with a good profit.

In a year he makes lots of money with few deals. This is very much easy if one has the skills.

Website flipping business is as like as real estate business. As a digital property, you must have knowledge of online trading or business.

If you have a good knowledge of website ranking and digital marketing factors, affiliate marketing, ads revenue and other many things you can involve yourself in this profitable business.

People are making website or blog for making money passively. Let me put an example: For me, I’ve created this blog for making money. The objective of creating and maintaining this blog is making money in several ways like publishing ads, affiliate marketing, consulting, sell services and so on.

I can make money in lifetime maintaining the site or make a huge amount of money at a time by selling the whole site.
Whenever I want to sell the website I will go and place my site along with some documents on the marketplaces like Flippa, Trademysite, website broker etc.

Or I can make money buying a website from a marketplace and make some changes like theme, design, SEO techniques etc then sell at a higher price. This is a very profitable business.

#13. eCommerce Business:

eCommerce Business idea isn’t new that bring huge money if someone can invest a good amount of money. E-Commerce means any type of business dealing online, for example, online shopping, which is for buying and selling products online.
This is the oldest method of making money online.

If you have a product idea that you can make to market and sell it online for profit or sell other people’s products on your eCommerce store.

According to the report of Wikipedia:

“Retail ecommerce sales across the world reached $2.304 trillion in 2017, which was a 24.8 percent increase than previous year.”

E-Commerce is a fastest growing online business which is estimated to reach over 4 trillion USD in sales in 2020.

How to start :

First of all, you have to choose a niche according to the market demand for this niche’s product and your experience. Next step is to target your prospective customers who will buy your product online. Do more research and analyze your idea before making it in a reality.

Make a list of your competitors in your market then follow all the strategies they applied. Think to do something better than they did. But at startup, you may find many difficulties to bid your competitors. Don’t lose hope for failing to achieve market at the begging. You will find it easy to manage and compete with your competitors.

In this step, you have to choose a domain name considering your product niche and choose a hosting plan from famous web hosting services providers.

Next, you have to consider content management software to manage and control your e-commerce website. Initially, you can choose Magento or WordPress to manage your content for free which are widely used CMS for e-commerce. For both CMS software, you should install a theme and necessary plugins to customize your website.

For WordPress install woocommerce plugin for free of cost.

This is the final step to complete your e-commerce website. If you have the skills of making an e-commerce website you can make it with some easy steps or hire someone who is an expert.

After completing set up your website you should put your product on the store, write product description and market it online with different methods.

Marketing is the key secrete get succeeded in the e-commerce business. SEO, Social media marketing, e-mail marketing etc is the main marketing strategies.

After a few months of doing everything well, you can draw a good profit from the business.

#14. Dropshipping Business [Make money online] :

In this internet industry, dropshipping business is one of the most popular methods to offer products online. Today I’m going to share with you how to make money online from a dropshipping business.

Here I will discuss with you the exact idea for getting started with dropshipping business, make money and so on. I’m also going to introduce you with the required tools for this business as well.

Hence, let’s get started with how to make money online with dropshipping business.
At the beginning of this post, I will make clear about how does the dropshipping method works?

There are two types of people you have to deal with. One is “Supplier” who can supply or deliver your order to your customers and another is “Customer” who make payments to you to buy something on your website.

For example, You can place a product on your niche from a good supplier with adding some profits. When a customer places an order with payment just transfer the order to the supplier with customer’s details and supplier delivers the product within said time directly to the customer on behalf of you. Supplier even doesn’t use his own address instead of yours. You have to make the payment for the price of the product before submitting the order.

No money is needed for starting this business, just a little domain, hosting or CMS cost.

You have to find out the best suppliers in the world who can deliver products across the world. In this point, AliExpress is the most favorite to the all of the drop shippers because the price of this Chines platform is very low and profitable.

You don’t need to invest any money in inventory because of all products from a supplier. Assume that you can place a product with a price tag $20 which you can get from a supplier at $13, you can sell for $7 profit from each sale made. The customer never knows the price you paid to the supplier. The customer knows that you’ve sent the product directly to him.

You should follow the steps below to get started Dropshipping business;

You have to find out best suppliers in the world who can deliver products across the world. In this point, AliExpress is the most favorite to the all of dropshippers because the price of this Chines platform is very low and profitable. Other two popular dropshipping marketplaces are DHgate and LightinTheBox. But the pricing of these dropshipping marketplaces are high that’s why people can’t make better profit margins.

Find a niche product that you are going to promote and sell. Don’t select many products. Just find a micro category or niche, for example, if you want to sell electronics gadget this is a vast category. You can find many sub-categories under the main categories. Just deal with a tiny category. See the image below to get the idea;


Choose the platform in where you want to place your product and sell them. You can place your product after opening a merchant account on Amazon or eBay for free. As a fee for using these marketplaces, you have to pay 10%-15% of each valid sale made.
If you don’t want to pay the money making an e-commerce website and placing your products on it will be the best decision. Once your e-commerce store got popular, you can make a huge chunk per month while you’re asleep.

In short, I’ve tried to make a clear view about how to make money online with dropshipping business. I will publish a complete tutorial about dropshipping business soon. Subscribe to my website for the latest newsletter.


#15. Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies are formed in digital are called digital marketing. This is a vast industry. A few years back, when there were not huge content online, people didn’t need to market their products, services or business digitally. Because there was no competition for ranking and so many others factors.

But, for now, there are 1 billion plus blogs and websites exist on the internet. As people are getting online more many people and companies finding for market among the people online.

There are billions even trillions of information on the web, but as many information is stored online, how right people find the right products, services or information? When the question rises then the answer comes for digital marketing automatically.

People are getting succeeded with their business by making digital marketing. There are many forms of digital marketing;

  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • Search Engine Marketing [SEM]
  • Social Media Marketing [SMM]
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising


When you can think to do business online you must know the real strategies of digital marketing. As an entrepreneur, you need to know about this topic in depth. I know many digital marketers like Pat Flynn and Neil Patel are making millions of a year with digital marketing.

This is a very fast growing and valuable industry which will exist till the existence of internet or other networks.


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