Make money $40 per day strategy with Neobux PCT

Hey, Are you looking for make money from home watching daily 10-15 minutes ads? If your answer is “Yes” so , you’re in right place. Here I’m going to share some smart ideas for making money 40 dollars a day strategy with Neobux. To know details of my strategy keep reading at the bottom of this post.

If you don’t know about Neobux see the following information about Neobux. But if you’re known to this site previously, you can skip this for now.


About Neobux

You might hear the famous PCT (Paid to click) site name Neobux. This is #1 PCT site that’s really pays people million dollars per month. You’re either new to this type of site or a non believer person about this types of making money technics.

Do believe or not that, many people are making even five figure per month from these types of site. So, why you not.

If you have any hesitation about legacy of this site you can just Google it. You will find thousand of income proof & positive reviews. The Alexa ranking worldwide of this site is #1021. Neobux has been paying money for watching ads since 2008.

make money with neobux

Secrets of making money from Neobux: #1


  •  A personal computer (desktop/laptop : any configuration)
  •  Daily Internet connection
  • 10-15 minutes time to pay daily.

If you don’t have a computer this job isn’t for you. You can try to other jobs that can be done by smartphone.

Start here : First of all sign up for free. You have to spend only 5 minutes to complete sign up process. Click daily on all ads provided to you. You have to click all ads provide to you for making first money.

What to do on Neobux?

You can make daily few pennies by watching ads you alone. In this way you have to wait for a month to make first $1. You’ll be frustrated & give up if you don’t know the strategy.

There are two different method that you can apply which you prefer. One is Direct Referrals & another is Rented Referrals. Direct Referrals are who joined by clicking on the link you share with. And Rented Referrals are provided by Neobux who joined directly to Neobux without any referral link.

You don’t have to pay any money to direct Referrals, but Rented Referrals. Your referrals do work for you and they make money for you regularly.

You can make money getting more direct referrals. If you don’t know how to get more referrals directly. Here I will teach you many methods of getting direct referrals. These methods are pretty much tricky to apply and time consuming too.

If you don’t want to make direct referrals you can skip this for now.

For now I move forward for getting succeeded without telling a person for direct referrals.

Warnings: If your’re prepared to invest at least 6-8 months for spending 15 minutes daily then this article is for you. You can continue reading.

But, If you’re not agree to wait this 6-8 month you can leave here, because this type of job is for those who have enough patience.

Main strategy for making money without referrals and investment:

I assume you don’t want to invest from your pocket. Let’s start from $0.

You can just Sign up here for free with your username, email and password. You will become a standard member for free.

Click on all ads and do the surveys & task provided to you daily basis. Don’t miss a day. You may lose your hope because you are making only few cents a day.


Don’t lose hope, be patience until you could make better. In this industry people go back without receiving main rewards. After doing 10-15 days even 1/2 months they give up. But this time is most important to grow up foundation.

Millions of people are wasting time on different social media without getting a single penny. But this is the job for only 10-15 minutes daily. They can’t keep patience till getting achievement. You’ve to just wait with a good patience.

I’m sorry for going out of our topic!

Let’s come to the topic.

  • Neobux will pay you $0.001 for per ad clicking. Usually you will be served 20-30 ads per day.


  • You may earn between $0.02-$0.03 per day clicking all ads you provided.


  • After 30 days you could make $1 or more if you do click ads and daily task.


  • Now you’re ready to make 3 Rented Referrals $0.20 each for 30 days.


  • But don’t spend all the credit by purchasing more. Because, You need credit to maintain them with payment.


  • Do all the mini jobs and surveys available to you.


  • Click on AdPrize so that you can win some free reward up to $50 even free gold membership.


If you don’t have any survey or task in your territory, don’t worry you have many opportunities to make money.

I suggest you to make referrals as more as possible. Keep some money in your hands to maintain your referrals. This money is from which you earned.

To achieve your goal follow the strategy below:
Method for making $6 per day with $0 investment from neobux :

After few days of your starting you may have about $1 to rent referrals. Now purchase 3 referrals. From your rented referrals you will get $0.005 for each orange ad click. If your referrals click daily 4 ads you can make about $0.02 per day from per referrals.

  • After one week you have $.60 to make 3 other referrals. (Calculation: 3*.005*4+.02)


  • Now your referrals is 6 daily earnings is (6*.005*4)+.02(You) = $0.14 per day. And you can make next $0.70 in 5 days.


  • After 5 days you can purchase 3 more referrals and now your’re making $0.20 per day. Work for next 10 days when you reach $2 then purchase 10 more referrals.


  • Now your referrals is 19 and daily income is $0.40. Go for next 10 days when you reach $4 and above then purchase next 20 referrals and your daily income is $0.80. 10 days is need to make $8 and purchase 40 more referrals.


  •  Now your referrals is 79 and daily income is $1.6 wait for next 10 days. Now you have about $20 or more to make 80 referrals for $16. Keep remaining to maintain them.


This time you have 159 referrals and daily income is $3.2. Wait for next 10 days when you reach $32 or more and rent 141 more referrals to make 300 referrals. Your daily earnings is $6 per day.

You will be able to make $6 per day without $0 investment after waiting for about 3 months. Your monthly income is $180

You have enough money to maintain them. A standard member can make up to 300 referrals. Now save money to recycle and maintain your referrals until you make 100$ to upgrade your account to Golden membership.


  • That all of your referrals don’t click average. You can assume that 50% of your referrals will click average on ads. That’s why you may not earn more as I described. Don’t get frustrated when this scenario appears. You have to maintain your referrals properly.


  • You can join Neobux forum for discussing and consulting any issue with others in your native language. Members are ready to help each others.


  • Don’t cash out your fund until your desired earning reached.


  • You should have to click minimum 4 orange ads to get income from your referrals next day clicks.


  • Recycle the referrals who don’t click well by another one. And make auto pay to who click more ads. You can maintain referrals from referrals tools dashboard.


After making $100 you should upgrade your account to Golden membership for $90 . After being a golden member your income will be doubled. If your income $100 per month then your will be $200 per month. And another door is opened for making up to Rented referrals.


Strategy of making $40 per day or $1200 per month from neobux passively without any investment :

As I promised you  , I will show you  here how to make $40 per day or $1200 per month from Neobux without investment?

Whenever you could make $100 or more and 300 referrals or 200 active referrals you are eligible for upgrading your account by Golden Membership. Cost of golden membership is $90.

If you have 200 or more active referrals ‘your now your income is $10 or more

Now follow the steps below to make $40 per day strategy
  • I assumed you have 300 referrals, now the next step for savings for 100$ to purchase 500 rented referrals. Important: Always purchase small packs of referrals.


  • Now your income is more or less $30 per day. Go ahead to save another $300 for next 10 days . Purchase 1500 referrals for $300.


  • After 2/3 days you can purchase 700 more referrals for $140.  Now stop renting / Purchasing referrals. Just maintain your referrals properly. Every referrals doesn’t work regularly.


  • Now your total referrals (300+500+1500+700)=3,000 if all referrals do click ads your daily income would be $120 but reality is 50% of your referrals work properly. If 50% of your referrals work properly it is assumable that your daily income would be $60.



Monthly income $60*30 days=$1800. Expenses: Referrals Purchasing cost per month 3000*$0.20 = $600. Net income $1,200 per month or $40 per day. Cheer up!

If you didn’t sign up still now, don’t forget to sign up here or clicking the banner bellow.

Time consumed 4/5 months to achieve our goal. This is not more than 8 months to reach targeted income level.

Whenever you could make a handsome bucks should spend more time to maintain this earning source. I will make a more advanced tutorial for more advanced strategy.


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