Make money writing in 2020 [14 proven ways of writing jobs]

If you are passionate about writing then you can make money in several ways using your writing skills. There are hundreds of ways of making money online with your writing skills.

In this article, I am going to share you the top 14 of the best of them. Writing is a very easy but creative job that can bring you lots of money for your daily expenses and savings.

First of all, I want to say something why writing is the best profession.
Many people have potentials but they can’t express in words. A writer always tries to share something new and something creative according to his knowledge and experience. That’s why people around the world are getting knowledgeable due to finding something new.

Writers always try to help other people finding many solutions for many problems. In this form writing is a great profession I think. There are many ways to making money writing.

So let’s come to the point,

I will discuss with you about 14 ways of making money writing.
  1. Start a blog and make money
  2. Offer ghostwriting service
  3. Make money for guest blogging
  4. Create and sell a mini ebook
  5. Write for revenue sharing sites
  6. Make money writing for a magazine
  7. Product description writing jobs
  8. Create a niche blog for affiliate marketing
  9. Tutorial writing
  10. Review writing
  11. Become a copywriter
  12. Become a freelance writer
  13. Writing in social media
  14. Email newsletter writer

1. Start a blog and make money:


Making money blogging is a very popular and older method. But this is an evergreen method of making lots of money. In this point, I want to walk you through the process of how to make money blogging.

If you already have a blog, fine! you can make money in several ways or if you don’t have, you can make it today considering your passion for writing. Writing is very good even great profession, so blogging is the door opener of all the opportunities of building a good career.

A blog isn’t a blog without content, so once you set your blog up just start writing useful content for your readers. If you are new to this writing industry this will be pretty hard to create good content from day one of writing. Don’t be afraid of getting failed, don’t hesitate to write.

Your blog is your property, no one come to say you “Stupid writer”. Just write with playing and one day you will see the improvement in your writing soon. Before starting to write about something, study more and more about this topic then you find confidence in yourself to write about this topic.

You have to study more and more for writing useful content for getting more engagement of your readers. The more you gain the attention of your blog readers the more money you can make influencing your readers.

Once your blog gets popular you can make money writing in different ways. Find your blog reaches out 30-40 posts have to market them indifferent digital marketing methods.

Keep in mind that you’re writing for people not for a machine. Create value for people and get your rewards.

There are many ways you can make money in this industry:
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads from Google and many platforms.
  • Get Paid to write reviews
  • Sell sponsored posts
  • Flipping or selling websites,
  • Sell eBooks
  • Sell Digital courses
  • Host paid webinars
  • Offer freelance services
  • Start consulting business
  • Sell your own products or services
  • Take donations

2. Offer ghostwriting services

make money ghostwriting

You can make a sustainable life by writing for other websites and blogs. If you can write well, you can offer other website owners or blog owners to hire you to write.

There are a lot of website owners, bloggers, individuals, companies and organizations online that agree to pay you to write for them. If you can write a medium class article you can make around $50 to $100 for each article you write.

In this way, you can make $1,000 to $2,000 per month ghostwriting writing service.

Making handsome bucks depends on your writing skills and strategies you maintain.
For example, if your writing skills are good and you can contact and follow up some website or blog owners, influencers and individuals who pay to write for them. This is not easy to maintain but you have to. If you can create a good relationship with these types of people you can expect enough income by offering writing services.

I can suggest you for building his career to maintain some strategies like,

  • Make a small website highlighting your skills make a list of potential clients
  • Build your website rank in Google related to ghostwriting keywords
  • Create a YouTube channel about your ghostwriting to promote your services
  • Make a social media profile or page
  • Write a guest post on other blogs
  • Build a good relationship with your potential clients
  • Market your writing skills

3. Make money for guest blogging

Make money guest blogging
Make money guest blogging

Definitely, you have a list of favorite blogs that you read on a regular basis. Most of them are ready to pay you for the guest post you write for them. There are many blogs/websites invite people to write, like-The Penny Hoarder, FundsforWriters, etc.

4. Create and sell a mini ebook:

Everyone has a passion and expertise in areas like as health, wealth, beauty, marketing, coding etc. If you have a passion and think yourself as an expert in any specific domain you can convert your passion into a business. You’ve to just express your thinking and imagination in words.

People are looking for reading something good to improve their knowledge on a specific topic. They’re willing to pay you money for providing something valuable. I’m going to walk you through how a digital property like an e-book can bring you lots of money without paying anything.

This mini ebook maybe 10-30 pages. You can charge it with $5 – $15, which is a very little amount that a customer find cheaper to buy. Therefore, let’s calculate simple math: if your ebook price is only $10 and make 1000 copy sales, the value of your work is $10000 without any inventory.

Creating an ebook is really very easy and simple. This is a list of to-dos you have to implement step by step;

1. Write your ebook
2. Format it with styles
3. Proofread for any grammatical error
4. Cover your ebook with a meaningful name
5. Place it on your website or marketplaces like Amazon
6. Market your book
7. Finally get sales and track your customers collect their email
8. Get affiliate sales from your readers

There are complete guidelines for making ebook professionally with some ready to go tools.

5. Write for revenue sharing sites:

There are plenty of websites that pay you for the lifetime for writing article for them might be one of the powerful sources of a passive income stream.

First of all, you have to know what are the revenue sharing websites, that pay you lifetime for contributing articles? I’m going to walk you through a basic of revenue sharing sites.

In short, revenue sharing sites are the websites which share revenues for contributing articles. Generally, you can’t expect any money for writing articles instantly. But if you can keep patients writing article regularly focusing on one topic or more, you can make your first dollars from it within a few months. You have to narrow your niche of content to be successful quick.

You can choose one of these websites; Spinditty , InfoBarrel , Steemit.

6. Make money writing for a magazine:

There are millions of magazines online and offline that are ready to pay more money writing specialized articles for them. Either they have professional writers or they outsource writers for their magazines.

If you think of yourself as a professional writer you can write for different types of magazines on different domains. Freelance marketplaces are the best way to start. There are many others online magazines that pay for contributing articles in their domains.

As a freelance writer, make money is your ultimate target. You can join marketplaces like Upwork,, PeoplePerHour. There are thousands of buyer are looking for skilled writers for magazines.

You have to be skilled on one or more topics so that you can apply to become as a writer of these types of marketplaces. Place bids on the jobs that you can do proficiently within deadline according to client’s requirements. You should pay attention to get the highest rating from your clients serving the best delivery.

The higher the rating you can obtain the more job you will be hired in. That’s the way you can make more money writing for magazines. Otherwise, if you can’t get the higher rating your profile will remain in the darkness.

There are few more options for making money writing for magazines are the online magazines which pay for writing for them directly. For this, you don’t need to join marketplaces rather apply to the magazines’ website directly. Early American Life, Earth Island Journal, AMC Outdoors Magazine, which invite writers to share thoughts and ideas using their magazines and pay to their writers.

7. Product description writing jobs:

This is the age of selling products or services online. If I ask you, before purchasing a product or service; what do you do at first? Your answer will be; looking for the description of this product because you need total information about this product. The better description we find the more possibility grows in us to buy the product.

That’s why products description is very much important for each seller or merchant. So, if you are an expert or have eagerness in this bright industry you can try once. There are many marketplaces that you can work remotely for your home online. You can make money work from home in products description writing jobs with indeed, Upwork, SimplyHired, PeoplePerHour

8. Create a niche blog for affiliate marketing

If there is a topic you’re interested in and you can drive a decent amount of traffic in your blog, you can make lots of money using affiliate marketing which is one of the most powerful ways to make money writing.
Generally, everyone has a passion for a niche/domain. If you’re one of them and can write in the right way you can convert your hobby into a giant business as a passive way of making money.

First of all, you have to know what is a niche blog or website?

A niche blog is a blog that is run on a specific domain researched in-depth. Especially niche blogs are built and run for using affiliate marketing. There are millions of products on many online shopping sites like Amazon. They pay you money for driving your traffic on their websites.

Generally, all affiliate websites will provide you a unique affiliate link on a specific product that you applied for. You have to put the link in your content for your audience and take them to drive to the websites that you want. When one of your audience buys one or more products you will receive a percentage of product price that your audience paid which is predetermined by the affiliate program.

At first step, you have to launch a blog (niche website) using a free CMS like WordPress. WordPress is the most used content management software on the internet for its user-friendly functionality. I will recommend you to use WordPress. There are available resources in WordPress which are very easy to customize.

Once you have built your blog you have to think about the niche for writing. You can research keywords on your niche or topic. Google keyword planner is a free tool that you can use for planning about many keywords on your niche. Another free keyword planner I like most is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

Next and final step is that you should write more and more on a specific niche. For your information, digital products like software, Themes and plugins, E-books and digital services affiliate programs pay you more commission than physical products. Another benefit of selling digital products or services is it has a recurring commission system.

Just, have look on the math; if you can drive 1000 traffic on a software affiliate programs which pay you 50% of commission on sales and recurring sales and one unit of software cost $20 per month. If 100 of your audience buy the service you can make $1000 per month without doing anything. This is a great way of making passive income.

There are many affiliate programs on the internet with many concepts. Amazon, AliExpress are the physical products shopping sites and ShareASale, ClickBank, Commission Junction are offering a physical and digital products affiliate program.

Finally, I can’t explain to you about this vast industry in such a short essay. There is another article on complete guidelines on affiliate marketing you can go through.

9. Make money writing tutorials:

If you have a good knowledge about a specific topic that educates people you can make money from your knowledge.
There are few websites that pay you a handsome amount of money for writing tutorials.

Suppose you have computer programming skills that like Java, Python, PHP or other, you can make money selling your skills writing tutorials.

I’ve collected a genuine list of websites that pay for writing tutorials ;

  • pays up to $250 per article. They’re connected with 5 million students. You can write to share your knowledge about coding, web design, web development, illustration, photography or another subject.
  • CollegeHumor is the world’s largest comedy website that pays you 35 dollars per page article and 50 dollars for multi pages article.
  • Vector Directory: Do you love and passion for illustration? Vector directory is a great place to showcase your knowledge. They pay $150 per accepted tutorial. You’ve to write and submit your tutorial about vector illustration and get paid whenever you accept your tutorial.
  • Developer Tutorials offers the developer who is experts in writing tutorials on Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and more programming languages. If you think yourself as a programmer on above-mentioned languages you can try writing with Developer Tutorials.
  • Design Stacks is a great way to make money writing tutorials as a graphic designer. This platform is on Adobe product mainly there are many more tutorials websites that pay tutorials writers like Site Point, WorldStart, Tutorial9, Go MediaZine etc.

10. Make money writing reviews:

Review means sharing your experiences and opinions about a product or service. There are so many opportunities to get paid or making a passive income writing reviews.

For myself, I always look for reviews online before buying something to know what people are saying about this product or service. Everyone does like me.

So, if you are interested in a specific type of product or service then you can make money for writing reviews. It can be on your blog or other people’s websites.

According to the Forbes magazine’s report, one review blog named Engadget is making $5,500,000 per month for writing gadget related reviews.

If you want to write reviews and make money then you can create a blog on your favorite topic. Then write many reviews about many products or services belongs to your content niche.

Before start writing a blog post, you have to research keywords on your topic. To monetize your blog you should consider how many people are searching on your keyword on Google or other search engines.

The more people are looking around online on a keyword the more possibilities to make money from your review blog.

There are many other ways to start writing reviews career.

Swagbucks is one of the most favorites of them. In Swagbucks, it offers its members to complete many reviews, paid surveys, watching videos and so on.

Timebucks is another website that pays for surveys, Ads click, watching videos, shopping online, follow on social, pole etc. There are other websites like Swagbucks and Timebucks you can go through once.

11. Copywriting Services:

Copywriting is a type of writing for promoting a person, product, business, idea and many more. A copywriter writes words for magazines, newspapers, billboards, flyers and websites and email newsletters.

There are plenty of jobs available in the marketplaces for copywriters. If you are good at writing, then you can join in marketplaces to into introducing yourself as a copywriter.

You can build your career in this industry.

12. Make money writing for social media:

This is the era of social media. In this social age, people are more engaged in different social networks. If you can build a social network or connection then you can convert them into giant business.

Always try to create something valuable for your social media followers if you want to make money from social media.

There are a lot of opportunities monetize your social media followers. You should give them something with great value or something that includes teachable.

Make yourself responsive to your connections. If your followers trust you, any link you share they pay attention to your link and buy from your link.

You can generate a stable income from your social media followers in these following ways;

  1. Promoting affiliate products
  2. Sending traffic to your blog or affiliate websites
  3. Promoting products or services for money
  4. Selling your own products or courses
  5. Influencing people for your lifetime business

There are other social media writing opportunities. If you’re an expert you can be hired for the social media manager. People around the globe are looking for these excellent guys that can manage a social media account on behalf of a person or business.

This is a great idea for making money from social media that you can try.

13. Email newsletter writing :

This is the age of digital marketing. Email is one of the great tools for marketing anything to promote. Email newsletter writing is a good job that brings you tons of money whether you do it for yourself or a business owner.

If you have the expertize on writing email newsletter then you try many marketplaces. An email newsletter is an advertising method to promote any products, services or generating leads. There are lots of jobs on email marketing that pay you much money.

14. Writing for an online newspaper :

There are a lot of incidents occurs every second. People are looking for the latest news update from various sources. The online newspaper is one of the great tools to get instant news.

There are huge opportunities to make money writing for an online newspaper.

  • AdSense / different ads media
  • Paid news
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you think yourself as fit in this field, you can build a news website and start writing news on a specific topic or various things.

Conclusion :

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