Why I named my blog MONEY LIGHTER ?

Hi Guys, I’m Fakhruddin, founder of this blog site. Here I’m going to share you why I choose the name MONEY LIGHTER. Writing & sharing knowledge with other people is my hobby. I’m a gossip lover folk. I never like wasting time gossiping without getting any kinds of knowledge.

I have been looking for making money for several years. I found many things about making money online. But almost all of them are full of scam. I’ve tried thousands of things for money without knowing any skill. Finally I realized that without developing skills earn money from internet world is impossible. After realizing that I have been looking for suitable skills for me, still passionate of making money online. Finally I thought I will be a web developer because of I loved to code.

When thinking is done immediately I started with a Web Design & Development course from Udemy in last year. But this course was not enough for me. I learned a lot from Google and YouTube whenever I fell in any problem in coding. I’ve completed the course & I could design websites by HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap framework but the market value of my work is very poor while getting work from client is so critical matter. Next I learned PHP language for WordPress theme development. But, I disappointed that many powerful free theme are available in the theme market, how could I make money by WP theme? This is also a competitive market.

In the biggest freelancing marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance etc I found so tough to get work by bidding on jobs. I was looking for a passive income job because I don’t love to work for hand to mouth. I love to do something  that I can make money while I sleep.

In the meantime I thought that, I could be blogger in my niche of Money Making. Hundreds of millions of people are looking for making money from internet as well as me. But many folks are going back after trying some fake & scam news of money from internet. But almost all of them are going back from this big industry getting some false information from some scammers.

Here in my website I inspire people to develop skills for making a passive income. I focused on blogging & affiliate marketing which is a big industry to make millions of dollar in where people made it easy in last few years.

If you ask me, why I have started this journey of blogging and affiliate marketing? The answer in simple, blogging & affiliate marketing is best ever way of passive income I think. If I put an example to explain why blogging and affiliate marketing is the best way of earning a lot passively. Once people used to make website by coding or hiring a developer. But for now, people can make websites without knowing any programming knowledge within 10-20 minutes by many software. In this perspective think that many job which is done by people now, will replace by different robotic software with high efficiency within very short time. But writing  is such kind of creative task that no software or computer programs can do. Many computer engineer previously tried to write blog by automation, but they failed.

In this recent years millions of affiliate programs exist on the online. If you ask me What is affiliate marketing? Tell what is marketing first? Marketing is when a person or company wants to sell products but can’t get customer then marketing is needed to sale. Because without sale, production or purchase is meaningless. For getting proper customer they appoint marketing executive(s). The company agrees to pay an amount of commission for every sale he/she made. In this virtual world when you join an affiliate program they are agrees to pay you for every sale you made as well as visual. You have to persuade people to purchase by your writing skills.

Here in my website, I will discuss with you step by step making a beautiful blog for affiliate marketing.

Here, I will not only discuss about blogging and affiliate marketing but also all things about related to making money in legitimate way. I always try to find out and analyze many real ideas for earning money and share with you guys who inspire me to explain by reading my post.

At the bottom of this article I would like to say that main objective of my writing is to teach something new and real for making money online. So, stay tuned.


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